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Maxillary-Mandibular Advancement

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Maxillary-Mandibular Advancement is an effective surgical treatment for sleep apnea wherein the surgeon moves the upper and lower jaws forward as a means of tightening the soft palate and other tissues and enlarging the upper airway. This surgery is often performed along with genioglossus advancement to pull the tongue forward as well.  

While maxillary-mandibular advancement has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for resolving obstructive sleep apnea in terms of patient outcomes, it is not usually the first line of surgical intervention attempted due in part to the higher risks and longer recovery period that it entails compared to other surgeries. Because the bones in the face need to heal following this type of surgery, patients need to follow dietary restrictions for six weeks and can expect about a two- to three-month overall recovery time.

For more information on jaw surgery to resolve obstructive sleep apnea, contact the Voice and Swallowing Center of Florida at 407.303.4120 or fill out an appointment request form online.