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Mohs Reconstruction

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Mohs surgery is a surgical method used to remove basal cell, squamous cell and certain melanoma skin cancers. It is typically performed by a specially trained physician who removes the cancerous tissue one layer at a time while systematically examining the pathology of the margins of the excision to ensure that all of the cancer has been removed.

This form of skin cancer removal is most often used on parts of the body such as the nose, ear, cheek or eyelid, where excising too much tissue would cause obvious cosmetic deformities. However, sometimes the skin defect that’s left after Mohs surgery is more significant than expected, or involves complex structures that require the attention of a specially trained surgeon to properly reconstruct.  In such cases, the wound may have to be left open until cosmetic repairs can be addressed.

At Florida ENT Surgical Specialists, patients who require surgical removal of skin cancers from their head, neck or face benefit from immediate access to our specialized reconstructive capabilities following Mohs surgery.  Our techniques minimize the cosmetic impacts of skin cancer excisions through skin grafts and other advanced closure methods wherein skin color, texture and function are preserved or restored to the greatest extent possible.

For more information on our Mohs Reconstruction capabilities, please contact us at 407.303.4120 or fill out an appointment request form on our site.