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Head & Neck Surgeon Launches Voice and Swallowing Center

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The Voice and Swallowing Center of Florida is an important new health resource that  will provide the many professional singers and other performers who call Central Florida home with one-of-a-kind medical expertise in voice disorders.

The new Voice and Swallowing Center of Florida, launched by noted area surgeon Dr. Scott Magnuson, will also provide expert care to patients who suffer from voice or swallowing problems related to head and neck cancers, neurological disease, chronic coughing or injury.

Residents of Lakeland, Davenport, Winter Haven, Orlando and across Central Florida who are experiencing the following symptoms may benefit from the specialized services offered by the Voice and Swallowing Center of Florida:

  • Persistent sore throat
  • Intermittent or persistent hoarse voice
  • Frequent burning sensation or sensation of a lump in the throat
  • Coughing after eating or when laying down
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing food, liquid or pills
  • Abnormal, high-pitched sound with intake of breath (stridor)
  • Acute episodes of shortness of breath or choking sensation of unknown cause
  • Persistent difficulty breathing that is not related to chronic lung or heart disease and is not relieved by medication

The Voice and Swallowing Center of Florida is now accepting patients at 410 Celebration Place, Suite 305 in Celebration, Fla. Request an appointment online or by calling 407.303.4120.